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Coloween is a massive Dance Party inside an immersive world, featuring incredible DJs mixing top 40, classic remixes, house, and dance music.

DJ Manos

Christine Mae (8pm-9:45pm)
Denver-based Electronic House DJ, Christine Mae, is a sensation in Denver, Dallas, and Vegas’ clubs, with performances at JING, Mile High Spirits, and more. Supported by Le Izner and managed by Tyler Turnbull, she’s not just a DJ, but also a four-time Playboy model!

White Tiger (Fantasy Stage: 9:45pm-11:45pm)

Denver’s rising star, White Tiger, is an eclectic DJ, spinning House, Hip Hop, Latin, and EDM. With residencies at Denver’s prime clubs, he’s ready to set the Fantasy Stage on fire during his Coloween debut.

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Big Dancin (Fantasy Stage: 11:45pm-1:30am)
Big Dancin electrifies with a unique blend of classic and futuristic beats. Merging house rhythms with retro tunes, they’re set to take you on an unforgettable dance journey.

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DJ Mak (Mainstage: 8pm-9:30pm)
Brad McKinzie, DJ Mak, has 20 years under his belt, impressing Denver since 19. After a TV stint and California adventures, he’s back for his 4th Coloween gig. Ready for the groove?

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DJ Manos (Mainstage: 9:30pm-12am)
Renowned for his East Coast bangers, DJ Manos is one of Denver’s top 10 DJs. Brace yourself for his signature high-octane sets.

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Sammy T (Mainstage: Costume Contest Host & Closing DJ)
Globally recognized as ShoeboxMoses, is the epitome of open-format festival DJ mastery. Seamlessly fusing the retro allure of nu-disco, the grandeur of big room house, and the undeniable swagger of hip-hop, he crafts sets that are legendary.

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