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Before you get into your costume and head out with friends to the Halloween party of a lifetime, why not start the festive fun at home? Make Halloween even more thrilling this year with these spooky, creative, mouth-watering drinks for celebrating.

Alongside the typical crowd favorites, like margaritas and mojitos, add some fun new drinks with a twist to your menu. What’s a Halloween party without gimmicks that add to the excitement?

Whether you’re planning to head on out to a big Halloween party and are looking to get the celebrations started at home or you’re throwing your own bash, you can mix up your usual cocktail recipes and add interesting twists for a festive feel. Below are some interesting Halloween adult beverages you can make in your own kitchen.

Screamsicle Shakes 

If you have a sweet tooth and are craving the bittersweet flavor of chocolate, you can try mixing up Oreos, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, milk, and the most important ingredient — vanilla vodka. You can also add a quarter of orange sherbet if you’re into a citrusy sweet taste.

Chocolate sauce, for garnish
6 Oreos, crushed
1 qt. orange sherbet
3/4 cup milk
8 oz. vanilla vodka
Whipped cream, or garnish
Orange & black sprinkles, for garnish
  1. Pour 2 tablespoons chocolate sauce onto a small, shallow plate. Place Oreo crumbs on a second small plate. Dip rims of serving glasses first in chocolate sauce, then in Oreo crumbs.
  2. Combine sherbet, milk, and vodka in a blender and blend to combine. Drizzle some chocolate sauce on the inside of each serving glass, then fill with milkshake. Garnish with whipped cream, remaining Oreo crumbs, and sprinkles.

Witches’ Brew

For a refreshing drink straight from the cauldron, you can try witches’ brew for a sweet and subtly strong taste of rum. Add in your usual ingredients with chopped ginger, cloves, cranberry juice, club soda, sparkling apple juice, and dark rum. Then, all you have to do is party, wearing the Halloween costume of your choice.

Bloody Mary

There’s no need for fancy names and recipe twists, a Bloody Mary in itself is a phenomenal drink that should be considered a staple every Halloween. If you’re into spicy and unconventional tastes for drinks, then this concoction of tomato sauce, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, and vodka, among others, should be indispensable for your Halloween celebration.

Sorting Hat Jello Shots

If you’re a big fan of the Harry Potter series, then these jello shots should be part of the menu. All you have to do is make jello shots the usual way. It’s advisable to buy various colors of jello shots, including red, green, yellow, and blue. Then, you can use cookies and whipped cream to form the hat into your desired shape. Hershey’s Kisses are also great for topping the hat with something sweet. You can use vodka for this mixture or try other alcoholic drinks to add to your jello shots.

Vampire’s Kiss

Vampires are classic favorites for Halloween costumes. To match the fangs and the long cape you’re going to pull off at the Halloween party, get some champagne, raspberry liqueur, and vodka for a bubbling blood effect. You can garnish the glass with red sugar for better presentation.

Pumpkin Pie Martini

For a drink and dessert in one, you can make your very own pumpkin pie martini. You can make this delectable cocktail with pumpkin puree, aged rum, vanilla vodka, pumpkin pie spice, and a dollop of maple syrup. You can almost imagine its fragrance just while reading this recipe. It’s definitely a must-try.

Freaky Black Vodka

Black is one of the most commonly seen colors during Halloween parties all over the world. Guests will most likely look for black drinks that look strong enough to pump them up during the celebration. The freaky black vodka drink is quite straightforward to concoct. You’ll only need black vodka, regular vodka, orange bitters, pomegranate juice, and blackberries to complete the drink. You can garnish the glass with something sweet, like sanding sugar or honey.

Apple Cider Mimosas

Apple cider is not only good for your health but also for your drinks. This drink is so good yet simple to make. All you need are four ingredients, sugar, cinnamon, apple cider, and champagne. You can also use prosecco if you prefer. Drinking this cocktail is like hitting two birds with one stone — you get to improve your gut health while enjoying the sumptuous taste of apple cider mimosas.

Sea Monster Cocktail 

Guests do not commonly prefer bitter drinks, but if you’re one of the few who love them, then this drink is for you. This sharp and tart drink is a mixture of grenadine, spiced rum, and grapefruit juice. It tastes strong but is perfect for Halloween parties.

Halloween Punch

This drink is perfect for light drinkers who despise the taste of alcohol. Halloween punch is a classic favorite served everywhere during Halloween. It’s a combination of apple cider or juice, cranberry juice, ginger ale, and aged rum. What’s great about this recipe is that you can definitely deal away with aged rum if you don’t drink alcohol. You can easily transform it into a mocktail.

Glowing Cocktails

To make any cocktail glow, all you really have to do is garnish it with a glow stick. However, this recipe is more effective with clear drinks like gin, grenadine, lemon juice, and tonic water. Enjoying this drink in the dark while partying is surely a great way to celebrate your Halloween this year.

Espresso Martini

This drink has existed for decades now, and it never gets old. If you’re a coffee lover who wants to be a little more energetic during the party, take sips of this espresso martini and feel the caffeine and alcohol kick in. The classic mixture for this cocktail includes vodka, simple syrup, coffee liqueur, and a shot of espresso.

Enjoy the Party With These Drinks

If you’re planning to join the top Halloween party in Denver this year, you should prepare a few of these drinks before you go out to get the night started. Get ready to flaunt your Halloween costume and enjoy this party of a lifetime with your friends.

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