Denver Halloween Costume Contests 2023

$1,500 Costume Contest!

Best Halloween Costume Parties Near Me are at Coloween Denver

Coloween 2023

Costume Contest Details

Coloween guests are invited to participate in one of Denver’s biggest Halloween costume contests in the country. This year’s Coloween featured the $1,500 Costume Contests! While some of the best Halloween costumes are last-minute masterpieces, planning ahead is strongly encouraged as the Coloween Costume Contest competition is known to get quite fierce! Coloween 2023 is the best place to be in Denver, Colorado, for Halloween. Check out some of the past year’s winners, and learn more about contest rules and registration instructions, below.

$1,500 Costume Contest

Rules & Instructions

Celebrating Halloween in Denver, Colorado wouldn’t be complete without a proper costume contest. Enter the 2023 Denver Colorado costume contests. You may Pre-Register here. Contest entries are judged on costume creativity, difficulty, and authenticity, with the top 10 from each category invited into the finals, where the audience cheers will pick the winners!


All guests attending Coloween 2023 may have an opportunity to enter either Denver Halloween costume contests before 11 pm on site in the auction hall, or pre-register here.

Check In

To enter the Halloween costume contest, simply snap a photo of your awesome costume when you get to the venue, and then upload it using our secure link.

Upload Your Photo

Simply snap a selfie or have a friend take a photo of your awesome costume when you get to the venue, and then text it to 720-663-1414. Our panel of judges will be reviewing submissions until the cut off at 11pm.

Runway Preview

Our team of judges will carefully assess all entries right there at the event. If your costume stands out and you’re chosen as a finalist, we’ll send you a text inviting you to join us on stage for some fun audience participation!


Finalists must meet back at the contest table by 11:45 in order to participate in the final selection. NOTE: If you have not received a text message by 11:15, then you were not selected as a finalist.

Main Stage

Once all finalists in both contests have checked in and been selected, each finalist will be sent a text message to report to the main stage. Contestants will then be escorted to the runway one by one, where finalists will wait their turn to take the stage as instructed by the costume contest host, Michael Downey.

Crowd Participation

One-by-one each finalist will take center stage while the crowd is asked to “cheer” for their favorite costume. Three of the top Finalists receiving the loudest response from the crowd will move on to the final round.

Winners Announced

After the crowd cheers for the top-three finalists, the contestant receiving the loudest response will be named the winner in each contest. The winner will be awarded the $1,500 grand prize!

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