Denver Halloween Events News & Blog

The full lineup of entertainment will be announced on September 1st. Stay tuned for 2021’s theme – we know it’ll blow your mind. 

  • 2021 Halloween Performers To Be Announced by September 1st
    •  Thousands of people come to Coloween dressed in creative and fun costumes. The performers, actors, dancers interact with the guests on a personal level that truly makes this party something you have never experienced before!
  • 2021 Halloween DJs To Be Announced on September 1st
    • Come celebrate your life! The DJs who play Coloween know how to appeal to any type of person, from mainstream hits, electronic and hip hop. We will soon announce a guest DJ group coming out of retirement just for this special night-Coloween, the best Halloween party in Denver, is something you have never experienced before so be sure not to miss it on October 30th!


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