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Fantasy Stage: A little voyeurism, bondage, and sexy circa wrapped up onto one stage! This is your chance to get hung on Saint Andrew’s cross, treated to the spanking bench,  put into a small cage, and tied up by one of Coloween’s dominatrix professionals. Combine this with processional circa performers, including aerialists and neon dancers, while being in front of an auditorium of 650 seated guests and a DJ elevated above the stage… This is going to be a sight and experience not to be missed.

Meet your Performers:

Miss Devi

Coloween 2022

My mind is an endless stream of debauched and devious ideas, perpetually scheming to possess and subjugate those who choose to satisfy their most intimate curiosities. Take a closer look into my dystopian paradise, here women rule, and men obey.

BDSM has been my passion for over a decade, feeding the many facets of my personality in the most indulgent ways. I am fluent in three languages and absolutely revel in verbal humiliation, psychological thrills, and training humans to be dedicated servants of the divine feminine.

Submit your earthly shell to my whimsy and indulgence. The catharsis my cane brings will only be sweetened by the pleasure and satisfaction our power exchange has gifted me, dripping from my smile. Let me teach you my craft, I can be your most sacred new obsession.

@MissIsobelDevi on most networks

 Sir Angel

Coloween 2022

Introducing Sir Angel, a professional Dom who will do impact and sensory play and other kinky tastings.
Angel has been a professional Dom for several years, studying for over 14 years and still learning more on his journey. He is focused on being a pleasure and mental Dom specializing in impact, knife, breath, electric, and sensory play. Angel especially enjoys training and teaching others.”


Coloween 2022

Dami or D_lil_Seahorse on Fetlife. She uses she/her pronouns and is a queer, polyamourus, switch, and fem presenting.
DAMI has been an active member of the kink community for 6 years, starting off in the Cheyenne Wyoming area and then more active in the Denver metro. She has been practicing rope for six years, in both partnered and self suspension for five years. She volunteers at Studio Friction and Voodoo Leather Works as well as hosts the Thornton Munch.
Let’s enjoy an amazing performance and tasting together!


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