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Coloween is not a concert, not a nightclub, this is one of the largest Halloween dance parties in the country! Every inch of Stockyards Event Center is transformed into a fully immersive experience and dance party.

Prepare yourself for a night of monstrous beats and popular dance music as we bring you a multi-genre musical experience that will slay you!

Mainstage Features a full festival-sized experience with all the lasers, lights, large LED screen, cryo, and fashion runway ready to blow Coloween into an all-out dance party. Mainstage features three top club DJs playing a mix of the hottest hits, classic remixes, electronic, and hiphop. Check out our DJ lineup HERE 

Coloween: A Halloween Experience Like No Other

When it comes to throwing an unforgettable Halloween dance party, the producers of Coloween are unmatched. With over 20 years of experience in festival productions, they know exactly what it takes to create an immersive and thrilling experience.

1. Professional Sound Quality

Coloween’s team ensures that the music is crisp and powerful, using high-quality sound equipment that rivals large-scale music festivals. Feel the beat and lose yourself in the rhythm.

2. Innovative Lighting Design

With their extensive experience, Coloween’s producers create a visually stunning environment using lasers, LED displays, and synchronized visuals. The lighting sets the mood and energizes the dance floor.

3. Visual Effects and Stage Design

From projection mapping to thoughtful stage design, Coloween’s festival-level production adds a wow factor that takes the party to the next level. Every visual detail is crafted to enhance the theme and excitement.

4. Special Effects and Professional Talent

Fog machines, pyrotechnics, confetti cannons, and collaboration with professional DJs and performers add magic and surprise to the event. Coloween’s team knows how to engage the crowd and keep the energy high.

5. Attention to Detail and Safety

Every aspect of Coloween is designed with care and creativity, ensuring a seamless and safe experience. Their 20+ years in festival productions guarantee that no effort is spared in creating an unforgettable night.

Coloween is more than just a Halloween party; it’s a festival-level experience brought to you by producers with over two decades of expertise. From sound and lighting to visuals and overall design, Coloween promises an extraordinary night that resonates long after the event is over.

Get Your Tickets Now!

Don’t miss out on this amazing Halloween event. With Coloween’s proven track record in festival productions, you’re guaranteed a night to remember.

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