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Halloween is just around the corner, and with it comes a wide range of events in Denver, Colorado. There’s something for everyone on this list–from haunted houses to adult Halloween parties like Coloween at Stockyards Event Center. With so many options available, you’ll never be bored!

The Rocky Mountains may be one of Colorado’s most scenic features, but that doesn’t mean it lacks a sinister side too. The best haunted houses dot this state–some more famous than others–and lucky visitors can even take haunted house tours during the Halloween season! For those who want their scares served with a healthy dose of history, there are also plenty of haunted museums full of gruesome old-timey exhibitions on display. 

What makes a top Halloween event? The Production Value

Is a key part of what makes for the best haunted house. The actors who play out the scenes need to be believable, with realistic costumes that make them look like real ghosts or ghouls. In addition, props such as cobwebs, mannequins, or severed heads in various states of decay are also crucial. 

The Scare Factor – Best Haunted House

The production value is a key part of what makes for the best-haunted house. The actors who play out the scenes need to be believable, and they should also have realistic costumes that make them look like real ghosts or ghouls. In addition, props such as cobwebs or mannequins in various states of decay are also key.

Best Halloween Location

The scariest haunted houses are typically not in the suburbs but can be found right outside a major city. The scariest houses generally are located in some abandoned building or business next to a major highway.

Appropriate for …

Young kids may enjoy haunted house hayrides, but most of the scariest ones will not be suitable for children. Haunted houses should generally only be visited by those who can legally drink alcohol and have a strong immunity from being scared.

Colorado’s Best Haunted House to visit for Adults: : 

  1. Frightmare Compound: One of Denver’s newest attractions and longest-running haunts, Frightmare has been scaring people since 1997. Founded by “Colorado’s top haunt actors and special effects wizards,” Frightmare Compound is set on 16 acres just south of Sable Boulevard between 75th and 76th avenues in east Aurora. The Frightmare Compound features three haunted attractions, including the largest Haunted Hayride in Colorado. The three attractions complement each other well and are top-notch in scaring people. The website says, “well over a hundred thousand victims have been slaughtered” at Frightmare Compound.
  2. 13th Floor Haunted House: This is one of America’s largest and most elaborate haunted houses with an estimated two million square feet of scares. This Haunted House is not for the faint-hearted; you’ll be treated to scenes from horror stories by Stephen King and others, including Saw and American Horror Story: Freak Show. This is with some of the terrifying moments around!
  3. The Haunted Field of Screams: is a haunted attraction located in Denver, Colorado. The haunted field was created in the year 2005 and has brought fear to many people since then. It could become your worst nightmare…scream if you can! There are two different trails to choose from. The haunted house is their primary attraction, and the Haunted trail offers something other than blood, gore, and fear. Entering the home,you will be greeted by a creepy sign that says “Home of the Cursed” with fog in between, leaving you wondering what could be in this building?!!
  4. Horror Theater Haunted House: This haunted attraction will scare the pants off of you, whether it’s your first time or not! Horror Theater is Colorado’s largest indoor horror experience that has been scaring people for over 11 years with the same team to bring back some favorite haunts from past seasons.
  5. The Stanley Hotel:  It’s no surprise that this hotel rates number one most haunted place in Colorado — there have been countless stories about it being home to ghosts since it opened in 1909. Guests report doors opening by themselves, hearing strange noises from upstairs or down below stairs; some say they feel someone looking at them when nobody else was around…this isn’t your standard haunted house, but we dare you to spend the night and tell you it doesn’t make the hair on your neck stand up.
  6. Terror In The Corn: is an outdoor event that takes you through a corn maze and gives you more than your fair share of scares with actors popping out at every corner, all while being chased by chainsaw-wielding monsters! If this sounds like the type of scarefest for which your soul has been yearning then make haste to Waterton Colorado where Terror in the Corn awaits. This haunted house masquerading as a corn maze will not disappoint even those who are hardwired against such things–guaranteed!
  7. The City of the Dead and Asylum are two haunted houses in Henderson, Colorado. Founded by Vince Wengert, both attractions offer their unique take on terrorizing visitors, including a hayride to the asylum for any brave enough to see what awaits them there. The city of the dead is a walk-through attraction that takes you through haunted houses, cemeteries, and abandoned buildings. The Asylum is a haunted maze that will take you deep into the depths of Hell as your soul falls prey to all sorts of dangers on its journey for redemption.
  8. FrightAcres haunted house is located in Douglas County, Colorado, at 11265 Highway 83. This haunted attraction features an outdoor maze and a haunted forest with over 60 thousand square feet of space for haunted thrills and chills. The Fright Acres haunted house opens nightly from September 22nd through Halloween night on October 31st, excluding Sundays. 

As October comes to a close and you have experienced top haunted houses, it’s time to party! Coloween is the perfect adultHalloween party for those who like to keep things classy! Top EDM DJs spin a mix of electronic, hip hop, and top hits while elaborate decorations to experience the best Halloween party in Denver!

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