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As of May 2019, Denver has decriminalized the use of shrooms. While this does not officially legalize the possession and personal consumption of magic mushrooms in Colorado, it prohibits the City Council from spending local resources to inflict criminal charges against individuals 21 years of age or older using the substances. Because of this, many believe decriminalizing shrooms and other psychedelics is the first step to drug legalization.

On the Road to Drug Legalization

Psilocybin legalization will be on the ballot this coming November 2023. Coloradans can vote for the Natural Medicine Health Act (also known as Initiative 58), allowing retail sales of “magic” mushrooms. Because of this, interested parties can consume these substances privately — away from public locations — or in supervised places regulated by the state. 

With this direction in mind, many Coloradans hope they can use and enjoy psychedelics freely in the near future. Hopefully, during this next wave, Colorado will become the second state in the United States — only next to Oregon — to legalize the possession and use of magic mushrooms. 

This will fast-track the movement to make psilocybin and similar substances more readily available in Colorado and the rest of America. 

The Use of Shrooms

If we’re talking about recreational drugs, magic mushrooms are one of the safest options available. In fact, according to the reported cases of emergency medical treatment, shrooms are considered safer than other more common vices like tobacco and cocaine. In addition, they offer incredible therapeutic benefits, like treating addiction, anxiety, PTSD, and depression. Because of this, there’s a high possibility that Colorado will legalize their use. 

Factors to Consider to Achieve a Psychedelic High

While we wait for the announcement of the legalization of mushrooms in Colorado, we need to prepare ourselves for the best psychedelic experience and euphoric high. There are several factors that we need to consider in preparation. Two of which are called set and setting.


Set refers to our mindset during a trip. It encapsulates our preparation phase and expectations that will ultimately guide us as we embark on this psychedelic experience. 

So, the first thing we need to do is prepare. To do this, we must approach the experience as a long-term process, not a simple one-and-done. Ideally, we must allot at least three days to mentally, emotionally, and physically ready ourselves.

On the first day, we should take it easy and remain quiet. Let’s not hurry the experience and set aside time for reflection. If it helps clear our minds, we can even spend our days immersed in nature. Doing this can help us detach ourselves from our worries and negative emotions and direct our focus to positivity.

Now that our minds and bodies are relaxed, we can take the substance on the second day. This is when we might encounter certain immediate effects. For example, we might experience an increased heart rate, a bit of disorientation, chills, mood swings, extreme calmness, and hallucinations. Don’t worry. These are to be expected as symptoms of a euphoric high. 

As the effects start to die down and you gradually wake up to reality, it’s time to integrate our experience and jot down our discoveries by asking ourselves these questions:

  • What were my expectations for this trip?
  • Did my preconceptions of the trip match my experience?
  • Did I have psychological or spiritual goals in mind? If so, did I meet them?

Doing this after our journey can help us assess our overall experience and perhaps improve them in the future. 


Now that we’ve covered the state of mind (the “set”), it’s time to move on to the setting. On the other hand, this refers to the environment we surround ourselves with while we take the psychedelic substance. 

To make the most of our experience, we should situate ourselves in a comfortable place. If we prefer to take psychedelics on our own, we can rely on the safety and security of our homes. However, if we want to experience a psychedelic trip with our friends or peers, we can opt for a conducive yet familiar setting. 

Choosing between an outdoor and indoor environment will alter the psychedelic trip. That’s why we need to be open to options and find one that’s best for us. 

If we choose to take mushrooms indoors, we need to pick a clean and uncluttered space, preferably with a couch or bed nearby and easy access to the toilet. We should also ensure that there are a variety of soft pillows and blankets around to ensure optimal comfort. Finally, if we want to stimulate our senses, we can set up a stereo system and blast the perfect music to enhance the experience. 

Alternatively, if we take mushrooms outdoors, we need to find an open space where we can feel free and unconstrained. Should we need a minute to lie down and compose ourselves, we can also bring a blanket and some pillows while listening to music with our earphones. 

Taking substances outdoors is also a good option if we want to do it with a group of people. This will give us enough space to move around and truly absorb the effects of the drug. 

Whatever we choose, there’s no right or wrong place to consume substances. As long as we’re comfortable with the setting, we can create a safe and positive experience. 

Substance & Quantity

Besides the set and the setting, another major player in our psychedelic experience is what we take and the amount we take. This will eventually depend on the goals that we set for ourselves. 

For instance, if we want to boost our creativity and express ourselves, a microdose of mushrooms is the best option. Around 10 to 20 micrograms of LSD or 0.1 to 0.2 grams of dried psilocybin should work for this purpose. 

A moderate dose is recommended if we want to achieve a moderate entheogenic high. For this, we can take around 100 to 150 micrograms of LSD or 1 to 1.5 grams of psilocybin. 

However, if we want a completely euphoric high, we can take around 200 to 400 micrograms of LSD or something equivalent to two to four grams of psilocybin. However, any dose higher than this might lead to mental instability, so we should limit our intake to 400 micrograms. 

Top Tips for the Best Psychedelic Trip

If we want to enhance our psychedelic trip further, here are some tips that might do the trick. 

Look into a Mirror

Looking into a mirror has been a cause for debate for many years. Many people are against this idea because the reflection that we will see might be bizarre and freaky to us, especially if we’re on shrooms. But, some people are for it, saying that staring at ourselves in the mirror can be a good source of entertainment.

If we want a good laugh during our high, looking into a mirror might be a great way to achieve that. 

Find a Bit of Entertainment

As we’ve mentioned before, playing music will do wonders to enhance our experience, but maybe it’s not enough. What if we want to go further than that? The answer is to stimulate not just our sense of hearing but also our sight. 

We can watch a TV series or a movie at the peak of our journey. This can elevate the vibe and fully optimize our surroundings. But, to get the best effects, we must find films with vibrant colors, diverse textures, and an incredible soundtrack. Before we know it, we’re already going over the edge. 

Enjoy the Ride

The main point of going on a psychedelic trip is to relax the mind and body. We should not be in control. Instead, we should go with the flow and enjoy the ride. To get the best experience, we need to allow our minds and bodies to transition from reality to a world of fantasy. We need to open our eyes to feelings and sensations that we otherwise would not experience.

Then, once we begin our descent into the real world, we need to recognize the end of our trip and rebuild our connection between our identity and the reality surrounding us. 

Some people can get sad or depressed after a high. But this is because they try hard to control their experience and grab onto the euphoric high. If they learn to let go, they can further appreciate the experience and take it for what it is: a quick trip.

So, in other words, if we want to experience the best trip of our lives, we must not fight the journey and just let it unfold in the most natural way possible. 

The Best Place to Do Mushrooms in Colorado

While this inside information tells us what we need to do and what we need to look for when taking a ride, we haven’t explored the best place to do mushrooms in Colorado. 

As we wait for psychedelics to be officially legalized in the state, we need to take this downtime to scout for the best location to take shrooms. Lucky for us, we don’t need to look too far, because the best place to do mushrooms is during a Coloween party! 

Coloween will happen on October 28, 2023, at The Brand New Stockyards Event Center in Denver. Here, we’ll be surrounded by people who like to let loose and have fun. We’ll be immersed in an environment filled with bright lights, great music, and fantastic company. 

Complete with exciting entertainment and out-of-this-world costume contests, we can further elevate our psychedelic experience in only the best setting in town. What better way to experience a euphoric high than in a place and atmosphere where we can go wild and enjoy the ride?

That said, if you’re interested in joining the party this Halloween, participating in all the fun, and taking the trip of your life, book your tickets today at our website! You definitely wouldn’t want to miss this adventure!

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