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Bob Ross Costume 2023

Bob Ross was a painting instructor best known for his Bob Ross television show on PBS. Bob Ross tv ran from 1983-1994 and is fondly remembered by those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s. Bob Ross Inc., which Bob Ross founded in 1985 with his wife, Bob Ross, produced Bob Ross tv, Bob Ross books, and Bob Ross videos. Bob Ross Inc. is still in operation today and is owned by Walt and Annette Kowalski, Long-time business partners of Ross who co-founded BRI in 1984.

In 2015, Netflix released The Art That Changed the World (2015) documentary. Bob Ross Inc. filed a lawsuit against Bob Ross: The Art That Changed the World, claiming that “Ross did not authorize” this film and it “infringes Bob Ross’s copyrights and trademarks.” Bob Ross Inc. also claims that Bob Ross: The Art That Changed the World is “false and misleading,” and it “tarnishes Bob Ross’s name and image.” Bob Ross Inc. wanted Bob Ross: The Art That Changed the World off of Netflix, as well as $750,000 in damages. Bob Ross Inc. threatened to take legal action against Bob Ross’s estate unless the Bob Ross: The Art That Changed the World Bob Ross was removed from Netflix.

In a statement, “To our beloved community: we would like to clarify that the stories BobRoss are works of fiction. We have issued a cease against Netflix demanding that the name “Bob Ross” be removed from this documentary and all associated marketing materials.”

The two sides agreed on October 1, 2018, and Netflix will rename the series “Abstract: The Art of Design.”

In early 2017 Bob Ross Inc. filed a federal lawsuit against Bob Ross bobbleheads, a Bob Ross bobblehead company started by Bob Ross’s former manager, Anjelica Herron, Bob Ross’s daughter, Danielle Bob Ross, and Bob Ross’s art dealer, Nick Sara. In their complaint, Bob Ross Inc. alleged trademark infringement and unfair competition under federal and state laws. Bob Ross bobbleheads attempted to have Bob Ross bobbleheads, Inc. transferred into a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding in September 2017.

Today Bob Ross Inc. is headquartered in New Smyrna Beach, Florida,  heard to be employing somewhere around 100 people working on Bob Ross branded products like Bob Ross art supplies, Bob Ross branded items.

Due to licensing lawsuits, documentaries, and articles about Bob Ross costumes and licensed merchandise,  a storm of controversy surrounding Bob Ross’s costume for Halloween is in full effect. 

According to TMZ reports, Bob Ross Inc. issued a statement saying that Bob Ross costume has no affiliation with Bob Ross Inc.”They say this is not an officially licensed Bob Ross product, and they want everyone to know Bob Ross Inc does not endorse it.

The company says it plans to take legal action against anyone selling or making the costume. TMZ reports that Amazon has already removed dozens of Halloween costumes depicting the “happy painter” after receiving complaints from the public.

The Bob Ross costume was advertised on bobrosscostume dot which is no longer an active website. The costume was a depiction of “the most famous painter ever to wear a smock.” The page also describes Bob Ross’s costume as an “over-sized smock that has his signature Bob Ross bob attached to the front” and his Bob Ross bob “held on with elastic.”

Several Bob Ross fans took to social media to express their displeasure with this plan because Bob Ross would disapprove of it. The costume, which depicts the late TV painter with a white afro and his signature bushy eyebrows, has sparked outrage online. People have accused the company of being racist or mocking mental illness, among other things.

“Whoever came up with the Bob Ross idea should be fired. Bob Ross was a legend and has inspired millions of people to try painting with his easy method…on top of that, Bob Ross has helped many people through tough times with his PBS show, Bob Ross: the happy accidents. this costume is offensive and should not be made.”

“I grew up watching Bob Ross on PBS. He was my go-to when life got tough, and I needed inspiration. Imagine my heartbreak when I saw there is now a Bob Ross Halloween costume…which is not only racist but also making fun of mental illness by portraying him in that manner. I didn’t think it would be possible for me to hate any bobrosscostume dot com products more than I already do.”

“As someone who has watched Bob Ross since I was a kid, this costume makes me sick to my stomach. Bob Ross ‘ happy little accidents’ would never approve of the great man being turned into a costume WEAR FOR A HALLOWEEN PARTY. Shame on you for sullying his name.”

“Bob Ross encouraged anyone who wanted to try their hand at painting. He did not discriminate against race, age, gender, or economic status. Bob Ross’s costume is not only offensive, but it desecrates his memory.”

“This costume is disgusting on so many levels. Bob Ross never discriminated against anyone and encouraged all to enjoy art. This costume mocks people with mental illnesses. #boycottbobrosscostume”

“I hope the people who wear this costume are publicly shamed for mocking mental illness and mocking Bob Ross…who would never want to be associated with any costume that makes fun of people with mental disabilities.”

“This costume is an utter disgrace to Bob Ross’s legacy. If you support this costume, you have no respect for the man and his legacy. Furthermore, Bob Ross costume is disrespectful to people with mental illnesses…the costume mocks people who suffer from mental disabilities.”

“There are a lot of misguided folks out there, but this costume takes the cake. Shame on them! I can’t believe they thought it would be cute to make a costume like this. I won’t be purchasing anything from their company in the future. Cannot support that type of ignorance.”

“This costume is in poor taste because Bob Ross was known for encouraging people to try painting and embracing their mistakes…he would not want anyone to see him unhappy about his costume.”

“Shame on bobrosscostume.com for assuming that Bob Ross costume would approve of this costume, with its bright orange wig and lack of respect for his art…I hope they remove this costume immediately.”

“Bob Ross costume is offensive to people who have a mental illness because it mocks  the struggles  people go through with managing their  mental illness.”

“Bob Ross costume is not a costume of a TV painter, but rather a costume of how society views mental illness. The costume mocks people who have bipolar disorder and other forms of depression.”

“Bob Ross costume is an insult to black culture because it portrays Bob Ross as a slave who lived in captivity…the costume also mocks people who have a mental illness or other disabilities.”

“That costume is not only racist, but it makes fun of people who have mental disabilities. Now I understand why they call it the costume of Bob Ross costume. They say that if you have a mental illness or disability, that’s your costume…forget about costume Halloween; that costume doesn’t even qualify for the school play. It’s not only offensive but also morally and culturally wrong.”

“This costume is an insult to Bob Ross and his legacy because it portrays him as someone who condones the cultural stereotype of mental illness…This costume deeply saddens me.”


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