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While giving a whole new meaning to the already divine term, Deejay Williams aka Lord TRILLiams and Bay Bailey aka Lord Bailey both understand there mission. That mission is to leave a Legacy Of Royal Dynasty. A dynamic pair with alternating sounds to offer, it always comes back to one word, unique. Lord Bailey’s charismatic energy in his music, and also in performance, with a mix of intelligent rhymes leave his boundaries limitless. Whether it’s his uptempo rhyming patterns crossed with EDM influenced instruments or his unwinding approach to various sounds your always in for a show. The sound Lord TRILLiams favors is written in his name.. TRILL. His mixture of southern inspired heavy bass in his music, selective screwed vocals, and a more east coast approach to his lyrics leaves no chance for his sound to get old or predictable. And bringing these two together to combine minds on any record is almost like planets aligning. Definitely something that leaves you in suspense and overwhelmed.

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