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Haunted Hotels in Denver

The Mile High City may be famous for its craft beer breweries and crowd-drawing sports scene. However, beneath its urban charm lies the city’s darker side. 

Every corner of Denver abounds with dark stories that send shivers up any listener’s spine. No other places echo Denver’s dark history better than the hotels within the city. 

Each haunted hotel has a dark and macabre tale to tell. If you are planning your next paranormal getaway this Halloween, Denver is a city you must add to your 2023 itinerary. 

Prepare yourself for a stay you will never forget. Here are our top five haunted hotels in Denver. 

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park

We begin the list with a hotel that has inspired the creativity of Stephen King. Built in 1909, the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park attracted hundreds of guests until 1911. That year, there was a catastrophic gas explosion that killed many of the staff and guests present. 

After the tragedy, the Stanley Hotel underwent several renovations and repairs. However, no amount of concrete, wood, and rebar can cover up the spirits of the dead who have been seen to roam the halls. To this day, hotel staff and guests report hearing children playing — even at night or when no children are in the hotel. 

The hotel’s grim history and desolate ambiance served as Stephen King’s inspiration for his work, “The Shining.” The master of horror also used the hotel’s pet graveyard as inspiration for his other work, “Pet Sematary.” 

Today, the hotel hosts seances and ghost tours that detail some of the hotel’s spookiest spots. If you are looking for a place in Denver that has “creepy and macabre” written all over it, you cannot go wrong with the Stanley Hotel. 

The Oxford Hotel

Here is a hotel with a grim tale to tell. 

The Oxford Hotel was built in 1891 and is one of Denver’s oldest boutique hotels. In 1898, a woman by the name of Florence Montague checked in with her lover at the hotel, occupying room 320. During the couple’s stay, Florence Montague murdered her lover in the room before shooting herself in the head. 

Today, many claim that Florence Montague’s ghost still occupies room 320. Guests who have stayed in the room have seen objects flying from one side of the room to the other. Also, many guests have felt the bed sheets being pulled from underneath them while they were sleeping. 

Other spirits also roam the hotel’s rooms and amenities. The staff at the hotel have witnessed one of the bar’s most loyal customers: a disappearing postman. 

The postman comes to the bar and orders a bottle of beer. While consuming his beverage, he mumbles to himself about delivering gifts. According to witnesses, the postman vanishes, leaving his beer bottle full. Head to the Oxford Hotel’s bar for a drink at a bona fide Halloween bar in Denver. 

If you choose to stay at the Oxford Hotel, you may want to bathe fully clothed. Guests have also seen the hotel’s “Peeping Tom Ghost” lurking in the hotel bathrooms. 

Do these tales entice you? What are you waiting for? Book a stay at the Oxford Hotel for your next Denver, CO, Halloween — if you dare.  

Patterson Inn

Halloween in Denver for adults is never complete without a skepticism-breaking breakfast at the Patterson Inn. Over the years, this elegant bed and breakfast has built a reputation for converting skeptics into frightened believers.  

For context, we recommend you watch the film that put the Patterson Inn on the map: “The Castle Project.”

The film details the horrifying experiences of a construction crew who worked at the inn. The construction crew witnessed apparitions and voices that haunted them throughout their project. 

Today, the Patterson Inn continues to attract visitors and guests with its five-star breakfasts. Others come for the anticipation of a paranormal experience. 

The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa  

The Brown Palace Hotel is the epitome of luxury with its spacious modernist lobby and fine cocktails. The hotel’s inviting spa and suites draw in guests from all over the state. However, despite the allure of the amenities, the Brown Palace Hotel is fraught with paranormal activity which is the stuff of most nightmares. 

The hotel is home to several denizens you might meet as soon as you arrive. For one, the hotel houses a 19th-century railroad conductor who disappears after being seen. This meandering spirit can also manipulate objects and walk through walls. Not even a “do not disturb” sign can stop this spirit from making an unwanted visit. 

If you’re lucky (or unlucky), you might also run into the ghost in room 904. The spirit of a Denver socialite haunts the room and has been known to phone for room service every now and then. 

These ghosts and more paranormal experiences make the Brown Palace Hotel one of the finest Denver haunted attractions in 2023. Book your stay now. The hotel’s staff and perpetual guests are dying to welcome you. 

The Lumber Baron Inn

A list of hotels for a spooky Halloween in Denver won’t be complete without the Lumber Baron Inn. This historic mansion with a Victorian design is the site of one of the most horrific murders of the 70s. In 1970, two women died at the hands of a mystery killer. To date, the murder remains unsolved. 

Today, the ghosts of the two women haunt the rooms and halls, making the Lumber Baron Inn a target for ghost hunters and tourists looking for a fright. 

Enjoy high teas with seances and card readings. Your stay or visit at the hotel is sure to make you question your grasp of what lies beyond the world of the living. 

Experience the Spirit of Halloween in Denver

Whichever hotel you choose, be sure to experience all the Halloween events Denver has to offer. If you’re looking for some Denver Halloween events to hit, look no further than the biggest Halloween party in 2023. 

Book your tickets today. Experience Halloween in Denver, CO, like you never have before. 

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