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What Should I Be for Halloween?

We’re counting down the days until one of the most exciting holidays of the year! It’s once again time for an epic Halloween party with club-style DJs, over-the-top costumes, and nonstop dancing. 

You’re probably here because you don’t have an answer to this question yet: What should I be for Halloween? Well, we’ve made a quiz to help you decide which of the hottest 2023 costumes best matches your personality. Whether you’re a fun, fearless type or a reserved, shy individual, you can find the best ideas here. 

Question 1: What’s Your Goal When Choosing a Costume?

Scary costume, please!

Something comfortable.

Scary Costume

If you like scary costumes, try attending the party as Michael Myers of Halloween. 

With the recent release of Halloween Kills, this character has once again reminded horror movie fans why he is one the scariest characters of all time. He first made an on-screen appearance in 1978 as a fictional character and has graced many Halloween parties since then. 

You’ll need a mask, coverall, work boots, and a lot of attitude to complete this look. 

Comfortable Ensemble

Here’s a comfortable ensemble idea: Dance the night away as a Squid Game contestant! 

The show has provided Halloween fans with a priceless gift — easy-to-replicate costumes perfect for the occasion. Whether you feel like being Gi-Hun (456), Sang Woo (218), or Sae-Byeok (067) for a night, all you need is a green-and-white tracksuit, white shirt, and white sneakers. 

Question 2: What Do You Like Best About Halloween?

Giving away candy.

Visiting spooky places.

Sweet Treat

Are you the sweet one in the group? Show off your sweet side by being an M&M, one of America’s most loved chocolate treats since 1941. There are many ways to go about the costume, but our favorite is the classic colored m shirt with matching socks paired with a black skirt. 

Traditional Halloween Lover

You obviously love Halloween because of the fun traditions associated with it. Why not go for a classic this year, like a devil? It’s always fun to dress up as a devil because as long as you have a hairband and a pitchfork accessory, you can pull off any look. For best results, stick to the typical red-and-black ensemble. 

Question 3: Would You Rather Be a Hero or a Villain?

Hero costume, definitely.

Villain, of course!

Hero for a Day

Feeling like a hero? Then show up to Coloween as Halloween Wanda Maximoff in WandaVision! The show premiered in January of this year, which means nobody got to wear the iconic costume last year. Score an all-red ensemble with the following to pull off this look: bodysuit, cape, headpiece, gloves, and thigh-high boots.  

Chillin Like a Villain

Another famous release earlier this year gave us serious costume inspo — Cruella de Vil. Disney introduced her in 1956 as the villainess of The Hundred and One Dalmatians, and she remains one of the most notable characters to this day. The best part about playing Cruella is that there are many ways to interpret her costume — just don’t forget the iconic wig. 

Question 4: Are You Going Solo or With Your Partner?

Going solo this year.

With my partner — we’re inseparable.

Single Is Sexy

Enjoying the single life? Why not show the world who’s the boss with a strong character like Harley Quinn? After her Joker phase, she grew into her own character. As colorful as her life is, DC confirms this certified femme fatale is a hero. We love how her costumes evolved with her personality. Check out this Harley Quinn costume guide to view some of her latest looks.  

Power Couple

There’s no Hollywood couple right now who’s sexier than Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. They became Instagram official in July 2020, but we still can’t get enough of their style. While we’ve seen them rock sensational outfits, we especially love their 2021 VMAs getup. Megan’s naked dress and MGK’s red ensemble could surely win awards in the costume department. 

Question 5: How Much Time Can You Spend on Your Costume?

Not much.

As long as I need.

Quick Outfit

If you still don’t have a Halloween costume in mind, why not go for an easy Britney Spears look? After all, she was just freed from her conservatorship a few weeks ago. One of our all-time favorites is Britney’s Baby One More Time attire. You can pull off the sexy student look with items you probably already have in your closet: a blouse, cardigan, mini skirt, thigh-high socks, and leather shoes. Don’t forget the scrunchies to complete your look!

Elaborate Getup

If you have time to achieve a detailed costume, why not go as Cassie from Promising Young Woman? The movie was released last December, so it’s the first time people have the chance to pay tribute to the character. The final scene makes for a playfully dark costume. You’ll need a sexy nurse outfit, rainbow wig, and a few fun nurse accessories to achieve Cassie’s look. 

About Coloween in Denver 2023!

Are you looking for the best Halloween party in Denver, Colorado? There’s only one name locals and tourists should trust. 

Westword, 303 Magazine, and 9News have named one event the top Denver Halloween Party for the past ten years: Coloween. With our spectacular production, interactive experiences, thousands of attendees, and $1500 costume contest, it’s no wonder adults looking to party during Halloween choose our event. 

Imagine being in an exclusive 50,000 sq. ft. property prepped for one night of Halloween fun. Enjoy our 3D-projected hallway, forbidden forest, and interactive performers all under the Stockyards Event Center and Hangar. 

If you’re all about hanging out, that’s fine. But, you can also dance the night away with our club-style DJs. You’ve never experienced the Stockyards Event Center like this before, a limitless world full of intoxicating anonymity.

For our 11th anniversary, the theme is Your Best Nightmare. We’ve already given you a few 2023 Halloween costume ideas, some of which could win the top prize. We’re pulling out all the stops to make Coloween 2023 the best event we’ve ever managed. Don’t miss out on this once-a-year opportunity to relax, have fun, and slay your costume!

Here are a few reminders if you’re ready to party with us:

  • We highly recommend wearing costumes, which don’t have to follow the theme. The staff and decor will observe it, but you’re free to wear any outfit you fancy!
  • Toy or replica weapons such as guns, knives, and swords will not be allowed inside the venue.
  • Don’t forget to pre-register your card because the event is 100% cashless.
  • Coloween does not offer refunds, so make sure to follow the rules. Check out the frequently asked questions for more information. 

Join the Biggest 2023 Halloween Party in Denver, Colorado

Buy your tickets now to the city’s biggest 2023 Halloween party. All tickets include access to 40 bars, event areas, participating restaurants, and the Stanley Hangar dance party. We have VIP and General Admission Tickets Left. VIP entry starts at 8:00 PM and includes free drinks until 9:15 PM. 

We can’t wait to see your awesome costumes. 

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