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During a controversial interview at HOT 97, one of New York City’s top radio stations, program director Ebro put international music artist RiFF RAFF through the ringer with questions doubting the Neon Icon’s image and authenticity as a hip-hop artist. Even when asked questions like “Is this serious, or a costume?”, RiFF RAFF kept his composure and let listeners know that there is nothing fake about the tremendous amounts of music he constantly puts out, the lavish jewelry he buys, and the commemorative tattoos covering most of his body.

Although one may have the same initial perception of RiFF RAFF as HOT 97’s program director, all it takes is a little digging to find that RiFF is one of the most ambitious and fastest upcoming players in the music industry. Hence why the Collective 360 team felt confident that with all the Denver events October has to offer, Coloween would set the tone with the addition of The Neon Icon.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, RiFF RAFF started his grind in 2005 by using early social media like Myspace and Youtube to showcase his songs, freestyle-videos, and slapstick sketches in order to gain exposure. Music artists like Slim Thug and Paul Wall not only served as influences to RiFF RAFF’s ambitions of becoming a rapper, they also attributed to his flashy, flamboyant fashion style which can be seen today. RiFF began to purchase jewelry and grills from Paul Wall’s Houston jewelry store, TV Jewelry, and also began to rock braids which were common among “Northsiders” like Slim Thug. With eccentric style, outlandish personality, and great musical content to back him, RiFF was geared up to fully take on the industry and got his first break in 2009 on the MTV show “From G’s to Gents”. After the show, he gained notice by actor/rapper Simon Rex, a.k.a. Dirt Nasty, and the two became friends and later began the hip-hop trio, Three Loco; adding funnyman actor/comedian Andy Milonakis to the crew. The trio has gained massive popularity, creating hits like “Neato”, which has gotten over 5 million views on Youtube.


With sights set on making it in the big leagues, RiFF RAFF moved to California where he focused heavily on his music, coming out with 93 music videos in one year. After sigining with Soulja Boy’s label, S.O.D. Money Gang Inc., in 2011 and later having a falling out, RiFF RAFF found his new home at famed producer/DJ Diplo’s label, Mad Decent. With catchy lyrics and now incredible beats to match, RiFF released two albums on the Mad Decent label, including singles like “Dolce and Gabana”, which has received over 7 million Youtube views to date. And to bring things full circle for RiFF RAFF, the single “How to be the Man” on his latest Neon Icon album features his early influences Slim Thug and Paul Wall.


Love him or hate him, one cannot deny that RiFF RAFF’s creative style and work ethic are making a name for him in the music industry. For these reasons, the Collective 360 is more than excited to work with the Neon Icon at this year’s Coloween Halloween party Denver. Furthermore, don’t be surprised if for every Coloween attendee wearing a sexy Halloween costume, you also see a RiFF RAFF impersonator in the crowd.

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