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Keep your guests entertained with these Halloween party games and gift basket ideas for adults. Looking to impress your party guests this Halloween? Look no further. Below is an assortment of Halloween party games sure to give your attendees a thrill. After a night of merriment or, depending on the players, fierce competition, send your guests home with something sweet to commemorate the night. What exactly does that something look like, you ask? We’ve put together some great Halloween gift basket ideas for adults to be your source of inspiration. Implement the following and other folks’ Halloween parties will pale in comparison to yours.

Planning the Perfect Adult Halloween Party – Halloween Basket Ideas for Adults are a Hoot!

Halloween Party Games for Adults

Halloween Movie Trivia

From the “Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)” and “A Quiet Place” (2018)” series to the loveable “Hocus Pocus (1993),” some of the best, most iconic films to ever hit the silver screen are Halloween-themed. So, why not test your friends’ knowledge of said films with trivia? Trivia is an easy Halloween party game, too. Just create your own questions or print some off online — The Washington Post can get you started with these — pick teams, have a designated scorekeeper, and get busy trivia-ing!

Shot in the Dark

Shot in the Dark is one of our favorite Halloween party games for adults 21 and over. The game requires two things: a classic Halloween movie and alcohol of your choice. Pick a phrase, action, object, anything in the movie. When that phrase is said or an object appears on screen, guests must take a shot (or at least a little sip). Be sure to watch the movie before the party. You don’t want to be surprised with too much or too little of each thing come party time.

halloween gift basket ideas for adults

Murder Mystery

Who doesn’t love the board game, which was later adapted to the big screen, Clue? Unlike other Halloween party games, Clue is full of suspense, mystery, and — dun, dun, dun — murder! Let your guests channel their inner Miss Scarlet and Colonel Mustard in a murder mystery, a great Halloween party game. My Mystery Party gives you pointers on how to be the perfect host and provides several themes as well.

Name the Monster

The ultimate Halloween icebreaker game. As guests arrive, stick a piece of paper on their back with the name of a monster written on it. Guests can’t see which monster they are. Instead, they must work the room asking “yes” or “no” questions about themselves until they guess their own identity. From a ghost to Freddy Kreuger, make sure all monsters are accounted for in this Halloween party game.

Mummy Wrap

Looking for Halloween party games that don’t require you to buy any materials? All you need is toilet paper for this one, lots and lots of toilet paper. In this party game for adults, guests are divided into teams. Each team selects one player to be their mummy. When the host says go, each team races to wrap their mummy head to toe in toilet paper. The team who finishes first wins! Or, instead of racing, name the best-wrapped mummy as the victor!

diy halloween gift basket ideas for adults

Denver Costume Contest

If Coloween, Denver’s most epic Halloween party, has a costume contest (which awards the winner a $1,500 cash prize), then your party must follow suit. And while a costume contest isn’t technically a Halloween party game, it’s a sure way to get all guests participating. Give people incentive to dress up, like prizes!

Halloween Gift Baskets for Adults

What’s a party without a great gift basket, right? Right. These Halloween gift basket ideas for adults are great party favors and game prizes.

halloween basket ideas

The Candy Basket

Candy is a cornerstone of Halloween. Adults buy it. Kids go door to door collecting it. It’s a whole thing. That’s why a no-frills candy basket is a must. Fill an orange-colored basket or trick-or-treat bucket with a medley of gourmet candies, like truffles, fudge, and caramels. Candy can easily be added to any of these Halloween gift basket ideas for adults.

The Pumpkin Basket

Pumpkin infiltrates everything in the fall. From PSL, or pumpkin spice latte for those who may be living under a rock, to pumpkin bread and pumpkin tea, it’s inescapable! For those pumpkin lovers in your life, because we all have at least two, this basket is for them. Filled to the brim with all things pumpkin flavored, hearts will be swooning.

halloween basket ideas for girlfriend

The Café Basket

Some of the best Halloween gift basket ideas for adults this season involves something coffee-inspired. After all, adults need caffeine to keep up in today’s busy, busy world. Fill a festive Halloween cup with all the fixings: pumpkin-flavored coffee (fitting with the season), sugar and cream packets, and a chocolate-covered coffee spoon.

Hangover-Cure Basket

If you’re looking for original Halloween gift basket ideas for adults, expand upon the coffee idea and create an entire hangover-remedy basket! This would be a lifesaver after a night of partying at Coloween.

May I See Your ID, Please? Basket

Adults 21 and over will enjoy this Halloween gift basket idea. Fill a basket with a collection of mini liquor bottles, wine bottles, or both! If you want to get real fancy you can include bar accessories and tools, like muddlers and mixing glass. Top it all with a can of cocktail nuts and you have yourself a fully equipped and portable bar.

A Night-In Basket

It’s the simple things like a good movie and a big bowl of popcorn that make a night spent great. This basket brings you exactly that. It features a few Halloween movie staples like “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Halloween” and local gourmet popcorn that’s impossible to put down.

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